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over 1 year ago

Zoom links for Weekly Meeting (Two timeslots available!) - With link this time!!!

In a rush to get to dinner on a Sunday evening, I totally forgot to include the Zoom links :(

My apologies. Here they are now:

(A) Monday at the following timezones

9 AM PST (California, Vancouver)

12 PM EST (New York, Florida, Toronto)

5 PM GMT (London, Lagos)

9:30 PM IST (India)

Zoom Link:


(B) Tuesday at the following timezones (This will be Monday night for the US)

8 PM PST (California, , Vancouver) 

11 PM EST (New York, Florida, Toronto)

8:30 AM IST (India)

11:00 AM HKT (Hong Kong, Singapore)

Zoom Link: