Digital Asset designs and delivers technology that reshapes legacy systems and workflows into efficient, secure, and interconnected applications. Daml, Digital Asset’s core technology, is a framework for building multi-party applications. It extracts and simplifies business processes to make data accessible and optimizes workflows using smart contracts. With Daml, different partiesㅡfrom teams in a business to separate organizationsㅡshare a real-time understanding of data and status. This eliminates duplicate processing and manual reconciliation, provides reliable data and audit trails, and creates a foundation for innovation.


SE2 delivers purpose-built insurance services and technology designed to future-proof Insurance Carriers with reliable, end-to-end operations management that reduce delays, costs, and risks. Our insurance roots give us a unique understanding of Carrier pressures including cost control, increasing regulation, maintaining expensive legacy systems and launching new products to increasingly digital consumers. SE2’s proven, multi-tenant, cloud-based, technology platform delivers a scalable and predictable experience for Life and Annuity Carrier teams while simultaneously improving their customers’ experiences. Our proven delivery record for over 20 leading Carriers includes 2M+ conversions, $100B assets under administration and 140K in new business applications.


Q. Can I submit more than one project?

A. Yes, if they are technically different apps solving different problems. We are recommending against submitting variations of the same project and have set a limit of 2 submissions per entrant. 


Q. Can I form a team to work on the project?

A. Yes, although we recommend that you limit the size of your team to no more than 3. This hackathon was carefully crafted and scoped with the individual developer in mind. Remember that if there are more than 1 person in your team, one person will need to be the designated representative and cash prizes are awarded to the representative of the team. How you decide to distribute the cash prize is something you would need to decide on. Perhaps a smart contract app could handle that?


Q. Can my software development company or business participate in this hackathon?

A. We are scoping this hackathon to individual developers. Cash prizes are awarded to the individual who is an entrant to the hackathon. See RULES for more details.


Q. What development environment, device, or hardware do I need?

A. No special hardware is required for development. If you are targeting a mobile platform, you may want to have a mobile device for testing, etc., but the iOS simulator and the Android emulator are perfect for this hackathon. 

Actual development can be performed on a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux. You will need to install JDK 8 or greater if you don’t already have that installed. VSCode is the IDE that is used. More details on setting up your development environment can be found here: https://docs.daml.com/getting-started/installation.html


Q. Can I use another smart contract platform like Solidity?

A. Not for this hackathon. We will be using Daml from Digital Asset.


Q. Can I work on an IoT project using gadgets, special devices, etc.?

A. We discourage it because it is more difficult for us to evaluate your submission. If you must, consider using an emulator or simulator. 


Q. Do I need to pay for anything, like the SDK?

A. The Daml Connect SDK (which is what you need for this hackathon) is free. We have an Enterprise Edition of the SDK but that is not for this hackathon.


Q. Can I remain anonymous as an entrant/participant in this hackathon?

A. Unfortunately no. You will need to have a Devpost account and there will be steps to take to receive cash prizes if you win one of the awesome prizes :)


Q. Can I remain private (just visible to the relevant personnels from the sponsors)

A. Yes, that is the default. Unless and until we have a mutual understanding and agreement, we do not disclose the identity of the participants. You may also want to check Devpost’s terms of service and other documentation on how they handle user privacy.


Q. What are the prizes for this hackathon? 

A. Check out the PRIZES section


Q. What kind of tokens are we using?

A. None and that’s one of the things that is great about building apps using Daml. You focus on your app and your business logic.


Q. What do I do if I have specific technical questions?

A. Chances are someone already asked it, so start with our forum: https://discuss.daml.com/. If you don’t see a question there, post it there and email us the link at hackathon@DigitalAsset.com. We do watch the forum every few hours around the clock, but we will make sure we get to it as fast as we can so you can be unblocked. 

A second great option is our documentation at https://docs.daml.com/. Simply type in a term or two in the search box and click search. 

For questions about this hackathon or about the sponsor, feel free to email us at hackathon@DigitalAsset.com.


Q. How will I receive the cash prize if I win?

A. A representative from Devpost will contact you.


Q. I already have a completed or near completed project, can I use that as a submission to this hackathon?

A. Depends. The goal of this hackathon is to build something awesome on Daml. If you want to augment an existing app that you have built using Daml, that’s awesome and you can then call that out in your submission. The judges will be looking at and evaluating just the Daml-enabled portion of your application or solution.


Q. Why is this hackathon 6 weeks?

A. We recognize that many developers have commitments and schedules that don’t allow for them to jump into a hackathon with a compressed timespan, like a few days. From our experience working with other Daml developers, we know that it takes a short time to get the fundamentals, architect and design a great app, and then implement and test it.


Q. Will I need or will you pay for external cloud hosting or licensing fees for equipment, software, hardware, API, or other services that I need for my project?

A. Other than a machine for development, everything you need to build an amazing app using Daml and submit it to win cash prizes are all free: the SDK, publishing to our cloud to host your Daml files (Daml Hub), etc. 


Q. May I talk to someone in Digital Asset or SE2 directly?

A. Of course! You can visit https://DigitalAsset.com or https://se2.com anytime or hit us up at hackathon@DigitalAsset.com and we’ll route to the right person.


Q.  What programming language/s are required?

A. Daml is built on Haskell, but you do NOT need to be fluent or familiar with that to get started. The frontend is completely up to you. Flutter, React, etc. we have seen them all.