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over 1 year ago

Zoom links for Weekly Meeting (Two timeslots available!)

I will be hosting two optional sessions on Zoom at different time slots to accommodate the folks from around the world on this hackathon. If you missed last week's call, or if you just want to check in, jump into one of these calls below:

(A) Monday at the following timezones

9 AM PST (California, Vancouver)

12 PM EST (New York, Florida, Toronto)

5 PM GMT (London, Lagos)

9:30 PM IST (India)


(B) Tuesday at the following timezones (This will be Monday night for the US)

8 PM PST (California, , Vancouver) 

11 PM EST (New York, Florida, Toronto)

8:30 AM IST (India)

11:00 AM HKT (Hong Kong, Singapore)