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over 1 year ago

Welcome to the 6-Week Smart Contract Hackathon!

Thank you for registering for the Hackathon!


I am Steve Seow (Developer Advocate at Digital Asset) and I will be your guide throughout the hackathon and beyond. Feel free to connect with me via email, on LinkedIn and Twitter. Make sure that you mention in your LinkedIn connection that you are participating in the hackathon.


Other than Devpost, I will be the main person communicating with you on behalf of Digital Asset and SE2 on matters related to the hackathon.

Each week, we will have scheduled Zoom calls, chats, or something equivalent so we will remain in close communications, although how much time you spend on your project is up to you!


First things first: Timeline and schedule. We have officially set the start date of the hackathon on the 14th of September, but you are welcome to start your project anytime. The deadline to submit your project is October 24th.


We have scheduled a kick-off call to cover an overview of the hackathon and answer any immediate question that you may have. This will be live on Thursday, September 16 at 2 PM UTC (7 AM Pacific, 10 AM Eastern, 3 PM London, 7:30 PM Mumbia, 10 PM Singapore) on Zoom, and it will be recorded as well. The link to the recording will be shared via an email after the event.


Here’s the link for the Zoom meeting:


The next step would be to familiarize yourself with Daml – the smart contract language that we are using in this hackathon. We have listed a variety of learning paths for you at the hackathon website, but the following are my recommendation for ramping up:

1. For those who are learning about the space of blockchain and smart contracts for the first time, check out the Daml 101 video series I created:

2. If you prefer pacing your own learning by following documented steps, check out our documentation:

3. If you would like to get a feel of the development experience via an interactive tool entirely based on the browser, check out

4. For those who prefer a demo-based modular lessons that is video based, take a look at our certification training video:

5. For those can make it, we also have a great live 2-hour webinar tomorrow (Sept 14, 3 to 5 pm GMT +8). Information about this can be found here:


Basically, the step after that would be to make sure that you project is suitable for the hackathon. In the interest of not letting this email get too long, I’ll pause here and save that for our next communication! 

Feel free to reach out to me directly at!